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Charles Hunter Coates has been one of the most renowned names in the Real estate industries since the past 10 years now. Mr. Charles Hunter Coates III founded Hyperion’s real estate investments in 2005, and ever since then, Charles Coates Hunter has ensured his active involvement in the development, redevelopment and repositioning of the firm in global market domains. Apart from that, Mr. Charles Hunter Coates is highly active in most of the core functions of the business like research, analysis, and negotiations on a big range of real estate transactions including acquisitions and dispositions, tenant leases, and securitized real estate financings. Charles Hunter Coates III is also actively involved in the process of asset management, financial reporting, and strategic planning for the organization in the process.

Charles Hunter Coates

While being the sole proprietor of the organization, Mr. Charles Hunter Coates has brought on the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system in order to support the overall organizational structure. IPD, as its name suggests, comes as a business approach which incorporates all of the business chains and professionals to be a part of the same organization, with familiar goals and incentives.  Looking into the major difference between IPD approach and the design, bid, and build approach; the former incorporates all the different processes and functions to one entity, without disturbing their autonomous nature of functioning. During the process, all the major team partners will now be serving as one common entity. This common entity will now be entering into a single contract with the specific real estate developer to further fund, design, and construct  the project with mutual corporate governance, incentives, penalties, and agreements on their goals and objectives list. If we look into the IPD approach from a developer’s point of view, it can streamline the whole process whilst bringing along with some big savings on conservative fixed employment company structure.

Mr. Charles Hunter Coates also holds the membership of the Urban Land Institute, the Urban Mixed Use Development Council, and Charles Hunter Coates III also comes as an active volunteer project manager and carpenter for Habitat for Humanity, which is a  nonprofit organization focused  towards bringing  affordable housing for low to very low-income families.

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Talking about the educational qualifications of Mr. Charles Hunter Coates, he has earned his B.S. degree in Biochemistry from Louisiana State University and further done Msc in Real Estate Economics and Finance from Florida International University’s Chapman School of Business.

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