All you need to know about the most expensive houses in Moscow

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In this article, you will come across some of the most expensive houses in Moscow that include old mansions as well as perfect apartments of different sizes. Here is a list of apartments whose worth is more than one billion rubles that are offered for sale on the secondary premium real estate market.

 Penthouse in housing complex “Venksy House” in Pluschikha

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This penthouse is in the residential complex Vinnea House which is situated in the area of Plyushchikha in the 1st Neopalimovsky Lane, 8. This property is available for sale in 2,560,000,000 rubles and is built in the total area of 1846 sq.m. This apartment has two winter gardens, a living room, a laundry room, lounges, a 22m long swimming pool that provides a perfect view of the city center, a bedroom, a dressing room and a wine room, etc, making it a perfect place to stay.

 Apartment in housing complex “Lake House”

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This apartment is offered for sale in 2,240,000,000 rubles and is built in the area of 926 sq.m. You can find this 12 room penthouse on the 11th and 12th floor which is well equipped with 6 bedrooms en suite with bathroom & dressing rooms, living room with a fireplace area & terrace, a home cinema, security station, a lounge with sauna and an office.

 Mansion in Barykovsky Lane, 7

You can purchase this beautiful mansion in 1,023,000,000 rubles that are built in the area of 541 sq.m. You are sure to fall in love with this mansion because of the rich façade and designed ceilings. This mansion is known to connect the Ostozhenka and Precistenka streets.

 Mansion in Maly Vlasyevsky Lane, 12

This is one of the best ancient mansions which can be purchased for 3,000,000,000 rubles. It was built in the year 1912 and was first used as office space but is now recognized as a residential place. It is constructed in an area of 1527 sq.m.

 Two-level apartment in a housing complex, Molochny lane, 7

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It is a two-level apartment in the residential complex Molochny Pereulok, 7 in the Golden Mile area which is available for sale at 2,560,000,000 rubles.

 Penthouse in Butikovsky Lane, 5

This penthouse is built in 415 square meters and has an open terrace of 100 square meters that gives perfect panoramic views of the Zachatievsky Monastery. You can purchase this penthouse at 1,349,000,000 rubles.

 Penthouse in Granatny Lane

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This penthouse is known to occupy the entire floor of a residential building at Granatny Lane, 8, block 4. It can be purchased for 2,320,000,000 rubles. The entire house is divided into two zones private and guest.

Therefore, these are the most expensive and outstanding houses that you can find in Moscow.

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